PC Client Accountability Form

Most of your future income is in the follow up. Money is made in the activities you're willing to perform. Form is due by noon on Mondays. 

We are excited to have an easy way for you to review and submit your activities through NextMove PRO! When using your dashboard, your conversions and calculations are already being recorded so we can easily review the health of your business. To report your numbers, follow these steps:

1) Click 'Reports' tab and select 'Coaching Reports':

2) Review your numbers reporting for the week, if there are any updates needed: go back to your dashboard and update your data accordingly. If you have started your form, don't forget to save your work before you exit.

3) Complete your prep form and when you are ready to share it with coaching: Click the 'Submit' button on the bottom left of the screen.

That's it! You've reported your numbers. Any notes that come from coaching will also be attached to your prep sheet - you can tell there's a note by the note box indicator turning yellow.